The Very Best For You And Your Home

You know that dream home? The one where you have planned every fine detail in your head? It’s far closer than you ever imagined.

It’s true, we all have an idea of a perfect home. The one of or dreams. For some it is luxury at every turn. For others they want open space for the family to enjoy. And for others still, they want that connection between the inside and outside, providing harmony in their lives. No matter what your ideals of a perfect home, Lamanen Construction can bring this to you. We build high end luxury homes with some of the most sought-after architects in the country.

No matter what ideas you have for your perfect home, we help you get these ideas from inside your head to reality. The way of living that you have always dreamed of doesn’t cost the earth. They are within reach if you know the right architect and builder. A quality architect will listen to your vision and work with you to make that happen on paper. And then a quality builder will turn those paper plans into something amazing for you to live in.

What Does A Quality Builder Do?

This is vitally important to know. When we’re at school, we’re told that a builder hammers nails and saws wood. And these are the basic skills that get the job done. But that’s not all a quality builder does. Let’s take a look at what they actually do for you –

  • Turn dreams into reality. That dream home you’re thinking about right now? We turn those dreams into something you can live in, play in and be happy in. Turning the aspirations you have of an amazing living space into that actual living space is our main goal.
  • Take away the stress. Having a new home built or an extension to your current living space can be a stressful time. There are many things that can go wrong, especially is you try to manage a large project on your own. A quality builder takes the worry away, ensuring things go to plan along the journey. They keep you updated with the project and stay in constant contact with you.
  • Make luxury as standard. We all want some luxury in life. It’s one of the reasons we work hard. Luxurious vacations or weekend retreats are amazing. But they don’t feel half as good as experiencing luxury every day of your life. Living in a luxurious home fills your heart with joy. Speak to us and find out how close you are to living a life of joy.
  • Hand it over to you. There’s no point in having an amazing place to look at. You want an amazing place to live. That’s where a quality builder stands out from the crowd. They ensure that your ideas are fulfilled. But more than that. They hand over a place that is a pleasure to live in.

Lamanen Construction are quality builders that help you have all of this – and more.

A Little About Us

Hi there, my name is Clint Lamanen and I’m a second-generation builder, learning the trade from my pop and building on top of these skills all the time. My company is located in Oakland County Michigan in the city of Bloomfield Hills. But I can travel to you, using my expertise and experience to bring your ideas to life. And that’s my passion in life. I just love to help people.

Our concept is pretty simple – Quality craftsmanship done right. That’s what we bring to you across the great state of Michigan.

Recent Work

They always say that the best way to find out what a builder is like is to see what they’ve done for others. And that’s our way of working. We’re proud of every one of our past assignments.

We were recently commissioned to build a luxurious Cape Cod architectural-style estate. High end luxurious builds are our specialty. The design includes a very rare boathouse that the clients just love. And that’s what we do – we ensure that our clients are delighted with every aspect of our work. All the way down to the finest detail. In this build, the Architect was DesRosiers Architects, a distinguished Michigan business just like us. If you want to find out more about this build, then please drop us a line and we’d be thrilled to show you the quality of our work. We’re incredibly proud of what we do.